What Happens at MCats


Startup founders often have this question of what Thrive is. Here is an overview of what happens at our Thrive startup acceleration program. You can read more about it below and know why you should apply for the program.

The Thrive Program

Thrive is India's most promising startup acceleration program for earlystage startups. It is an intense 3-6 months program backed by influential AIFs, VCs, Angel Networks, and leading startup founders. Our "Skin-in-thegame" ideology demonstrates our unwavering commitment to helping your startups grow and scale in this competitive business landscape.

How Does It Work?

The first step of the Thrive program is announcing and inviting applications. Startups are required to fill out the application form, which will include questions about your startup and request you to upload a pitch deck and one pager pitch.


Our screening process will be of 2-month duration and comprise three steps.
Reviewing Applications: We will screen the applications based on specific criteria, such as the startup's industry, stage of development, team size, revenue, and funding.
Shortlisting: The applications will be evaluated based on the pre-set criteria, and the most promising startups will be shortlisted from the pool of applicants.
Interview: Shortlisted startups will be invited for a virtual interview round to discuss their business in more detail. It will help our team understand the startup's vision, business model, and team dynamics.


There are three steps to the process of a deal or no deal.
Offer & Acceptance: We will make offers to the selected startups to join the startup acceleration program, and the startups can take further decisions.
Offer First Cheque: The first cheque of up to 50 Lakhs will be offered to the selected startups, and the details about the program structure and resources will be provided to them.
Term Sheet & Due Diligence: A term sheet will be prepared and shared with the startups to review. Thereafter, a due diligence round will be conducted on the shortlisted startups to perform a background check on the team, review financials, and check references.

Acceleration Program

Our Cohort Acceleration Program, 'Thrive', is conducted for a 3-6 month duration, comprising all the essential elements, including networking and mentorship sessions with top industry leaders and business experts.

Demo Day

Selected startups will be invited to pitch their business ideas to a panel of industry experts and investors. This can be a great opportunity for startups to pitch how they stand out from the crowd and attract investments.

Post Program

The selected startups are bestowed with benefits post-program too, which typically involve expert assistance in legal matters, branding, PR, marketing strategies, and fundraising efforts. Don't worry; we'll stay by your side throughout your startup journey, monitor your progress, and provide support to help you grow your business.