More power to Non Metro Cities after COVID-19: A blessing in disguise

Considering the latest update of the global pandemic with India entering lockdown 4.0, it is quite understandable that the Covid 19 impact is not ending any soon. From the day of its outset it has created havocs in human lives and the entire market is entirely disturbed from every aspect. But as we say,
*“ In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity”*
- Albert Einstein

COVID-19 may have turned our life upside down but it has certainly provided an opportunity for us to rise to the occasion during these testing times.
Despite the overall economic slowdown, Startups from non metro cities are taking up the many challenges that COVID-19 is throwing up with zeal and positivity, and working hard to innovate.
We believe *there is light at the end of the tunnel for non metro cities* and we have various reasons to say so..

> Firstly, if we talk about Big and established companies, they are for sure facing some difficulties in maintaining their functions normally but it is the startups who are adapting to the calamity with calm, cheer and sensibility.
*”Survive and Thrive”* is the new mantra for the players and so because of adaptability to this mantra and quick decision making ability, many startups are taking steps towards measuring up the prevailing needs and catering them. From the very beginning of the lockdown, startups have shown constant support to many movements be it in terms of food and grocery delivery or meeting the needs in the healthcare sector.

> Because of lockdown and increasing use of digital medium, people were having more time to think about and explore newer opportunities from a startup point of view which was something a missing component in non metro cities.
*”Necessity is indeed the mother of invention”.*

With digital life proving out to be a detox, the lockdown has gradually changed the mindsets of people in non metro cities and have started encouraging more and more traditional businesses and small businesses to look forward to these new opportunities be it from founders or investors point of view.

> Further where we are having labour and infrastructure intensive businesses but because of this pandemic, are facing many issues, the startups in non metro cities are standing tall even in the time of crisis because their small tech-driven team size and early growth stage makes them faster to respond to the changes in the market. And also if we talk of corporates in metro cities who are also majorly affected by the lockdown, the country is witnessing a major shift of professionals from metros to non metro cities and joining the startup ecosystem to build deep tech ventures in artificial intelligence, internet of things etc. across various verticals at the grass-root level, thus proving out to be a great opportunity for tier2 and tier 3 cities of India.

Thus to conclude,
The silver lining is despite the turmoil, we entrepreneurs feel that every challenge is an opportunity, and that there is some “blessing in disguise”.
I believe,

*”When you are in a startup, you often do not get the time to check what’s working and what’s not; we simply accept the challenges and turns it into an opportunity”*

The non metro cities very well proves this because the four major challenges i.e lack of exposure, awareness, Angel investment and professional resources, are now turned into an opportunity as there is more awareness because of exposure through digital medium, investors have started betting bigger on startups and with professional and over the years experienced human resources, we have started getting our core team with efficient angel investment.

*Now Let's see how the wind unfolds from here Hope is a beautiful thing !*