On A Journey Towards Vibrant CleanTech Startup Ecosystem


The world’s natural resources are near the brink of depletion. And what are we doing to protect our future generation from the consequences?

There is a dire need to protect our planet and become more responsible and fulfilling towards the environment.

Contemplating the situation, we as a country are taking baby steps into the market and slowly and steadily adapting to the shift. Due to this, we have witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of CleanTech startups in India. Moreover, these startups are working on developing unique solutions to help construct a sustainable energy future, which has created a buzz across the ecosystem among investors and entrepreneurs looking to invest in this field.

Before moving ahead, let's understand more about the term "CleanTech".

What is Clean Technology or Green Technology?

In simpler words, clean technology encompasses any measures taken to reduce, or preferably eliminate, negative environmental impacts whilst encouraging economic and social development.

Clean technology is being looked at as the underpinning of inclusive growth everywhere. Every sector of the economy, be it industry, infrastructure, the service sector, solar, or agriculture, has the potential for clean technology interventions that will help in the transition to a sustainable growth path in the long term.

Why is Clean Technology Important?

We have reached a point where our planet is in danger. Biodiversity is declining faster than ever in human history. Climate change is destroying natural habitats, and multiplying risks, natural resources like fossil fuels, water, and minerals are depleting rapidly, and unchecked pollution of air and water bodies is undermining ecosystem health.
Therefore, this is the time when the world quickly needs to move towards renewable energy & green technology,

Let's see some of the environmental challenges we are currently facing as a planet.

Climate change: Today, it is the most well-known environmental challenge. Climate change is the change in the overall temperature or weather patterns of a place. Average global temperatures are increasing at an alarming rate, and without our efforts to reduce the carbon footprint, it will only continue to rise.

Pollution: Pollution is the addition of a harmful substance into a natural environment. The major types of pollution include air pollution, land pollution, and water pollution, and these can be extremely harmful to all living beings.

Food waste: It refers to the food that is discarded despite being fit for human consumption. This is a huge issue as 1.3 billion tonnes of food is wasted every year. Food wastage occurs at every step – during production, processing, distribution, and even consumption.

Biodiversity loss: Biodiversity is the variety of living things on the planet. And biodiversity loss has massive implications for the planet’s well-being.
Living creatures are dependent on the existence of other species for survival, and biodiversity loss can cause a catastrophic domino effect.

How Can Clean Technology Inflict Change?

Sustainable energy: A lot of CleanTech methods work towards sustainable energy generation. For example, electricity is consistently used around the globe, and innovations such as solar panels, wind turbines, and geothermal energy can make a huge difference.

Waste reduction: We are rapidly running out of space on our planet, so reducing the amount of waste we send to landfills is essential. Clean technology can be tied to any efforts to reduce waste production or even recycling.

Water quality: Currently, water quality is a massive environmental issue. Many companies are trying to reduce water usage and provide clean water to undeveloped areas. Some ways that clean technology can be applied to water is through water treatment and wastewater treatment.

Now that we know that our planet is facing severe environmental changes and how clean technology can influence our ecosystem health. Let's look at the scope of clean technology in the startups in India.

Scope of CleanTech Startups in India

What is a CleanTech Startup?

CleanTech startups create the technologies, business structures, products, and services needed to deploy and finance cost-effective CleanTech solutions at scale.

The scope:

We all are conscious that due to the rapid depletion of natural resources, increasing population, and rising urbanization, the world is quickly moving towards renewable energy, and the need for sustainable products and solutions is increasing day by day. This has given a sudden boost to clean technology in India, and we can expect exponential growth in this industry.

Moreover, increasing interest and investment in this space will benefit the nation's energy transition and offer great global impact potential.

To support the CleanTech startup ecosystem, Marwari Catalysts recently launched a CleanTech accelerator program. It is a 12-week-long accelerator program that will offer the selected startups a go-to-market engine to validate and scale their innovative ideas and offer them a chance to receive an investment of up to ₹25 lakhs.

Marwari Catalysts has taken this initiative to support green building entrepreneurship and for the betterment of the global environment. This is an excellent opportunity for CleanTech startups in India to grow and produce environment-friendly products that would benefit the natural environment by adopting clean production technology and using harmless new techniques and energy resources.

Wrapping Up

India is working towards the Cleantech industry with great efforts and investments. Though the industry is still in its infancy, we are confident that it will help our country thrive, leading to a clean and green country.

But, transforming an idea into a commercially viable business is not easy, and entrepreneurs need all the support they can get. Moreover, many enterprising entrepreneurs dream of starting their own businesses but lack the resources to do so. Consequently, their ideas, talent, and capabilities remain untapped.

So, Marwari Catalysts has taken this move to impart strength and inspiration to the talented young generation so they can establish themselves without any hassle. And this is just a step forward to creating an ecosystem that will incentivize and nurture clean technology and encourage development.

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1. What is Clean Technology or Green Technology?

Clean technology, or green technology, refers to sustainable technologies that minimize environmental impacts.

2. Why is Clean Technology Important?

It's crucial for mitigating environmental challenges like climate change and pollution.

3. What Environmental Challenges are Addressed by Clean Technology?

Clean technology addresses climate change, pollution, food waste, and biodiversity loss.

4. How Can Clean Technology Inflict Change?

It offers sustainable energy solutions and promotes environmental conservation.

5. What is the Scope of CleanTech Startups in India?

They're expanding in renewable energy and sustainable product development.

6. How is Marwari Catalysts Supporting the CleanTech Startup Ecosystem?

Marwari Catalysts supports through accelerator programs and green entrepreneurship initiatives.