Your FAQs Answered

What happens at MCats?+
Where do participants stay during the live-in accelerator program, and can you assist those who want to work in Jodhpur?+
How do MCats assess applications?+
What is the evaluation timeframe?+
Can you assist us since we don't have a dedicated technology team?+
Why did you choose the name ‘Marwari Catalysts’?+
We don‘t really need the money. Does it still make sense to apply? / While actively fundraising, is it permissible for us to apply to the program?+
Am I too early to apply to MCats? Should I wait until I have more traction?+
What are the dates for the next batch? +
How much do you invest?+
Can a single person apply for funding?+
What is Thrive?+
Are you a venture capital firm?+
What kind of resources and services do Marwari Catalysts offer?+
How do Marwari Catalysts work?+
What are some criteria investors use to evaluate startups during a demo day or pitch event?+
What should founders look for when choosing a startup accelerator?+
How can founders make the most of their experience in an accelerator program?+
What role do mentors play in a startup accelerator program?+
Do we require a business plan for our Startup?+